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The “WHOLE LifeWorks™ Coaching Program” is a highly personalized and customized accountability program designed to empower you to bring about the profound changes you desire in your life. The program promotes a shift from being at the effect of the past to being at the source of your future.


Are You at an Inflection Point?

Inspiration. Frustration. Loss. Achievement. A change in circumstances. A vision of what can be. A desire for something more, something different, something meaningful, something more fulfilling. An inner knowing or calling. A “light bulb” idea.


Sometimes change comes from within and sometimes it is seemingly forced on you by outside circumstances. But what is really being presented is opportunity- and within yourself, you KNOW it. You know it is time discover, to grow, to do things differently. That feeling, that “spark” that comes from within lights the way to the authentic self. Partnering with a coach can bring clarity and accelerate the process.


WHOLE LifeWorks is designed to make the utmost of the inflection point by bringing perspective, clarity, purpose, direction, and a blueprint.


Creating a Shift in Your Ground of Being.

Your experiences, perceptions, beliefs, and patterns have served to define your life. Sometimes we don't even realize how other’s beliefs, or “conventional wisdom” has affected our journey. Gaining an objective perspective, recognizing both conscious and unconscious motivations, how you see yourself, and the conversations you have in your mind about yourself, allows you to be at choice in the creation of your life. With collaborative confidential coaching, the future no longer needs to be a reaction to the past.


A Metapractical Approach.

Akin to the approach of eastern philosophy and medicine WHOLE LifeWorks  is a holistic program that sees you as the whole and unique person that you are and is customized to not only balance mind, body, and spirit but also to articulate your purpose, your mission, and your roadmap. It combines time-honored spiritual perspectives with practical and logical planning to produce results.


The WHOLE LifeWorks Coaching Program is a highly personalized and customized in a 5-session intensive designed to empower you to:

  • Discover Beliefs and Patterns that no longer serve you.

  • Gain clarity of Purpose

  • Personalize your definition of Success.

  • Turn Obstacles into Steppingstones.

  • Define or refine your Vision.

  • Create the Roadmap to make that vision reality.

  • Define your Action Plan

  • Stay on course and Maintain Momentum

Meet Your Coach

Brian Seth Hurst is part successful entertainment executive and part metaphysician. A multi-disciplinary producer, writer, and strategist, he has spent his career at the forefront of innovation and storytelling. His work enables the building and extension of story worlds and brands. Hurst is co-author with Olivia Newton-John of the best-selling children’s book “A Pig Tale” from Simon & Schuster and the well-reviewed book “WHOLE,” a collection of essays on life’s challenges.


Brian has a soul-centered approach to life, creativity, and business and a "leave the world better than you found it" mission. As an executive and transitional coach, he has assisted both companies and individuals in discovering and operating from clear purpose and values and the continued nurturing of creative intuition to guide their course and path to graceful success.


He has been quietly supporting people in gaining an enhanced perspective on their lives and their businesses for over 30 years. Providing insight and guidance, he empowers clients to discover the power within for the mastery of business and life.  Working with people from all walks of life and professions from CEO's of major corporations and Start-Ups to small business owners, artists, writers, and entertainers, he has helped clients clarify circumstances and patterns, articulate what is being learned, and define opportunities.

How Does It Work?

WHOLE LifeWorks  demands your deep commitment. It is a 10-week intensive program delivered in 5 one-on-one personal sessions that last an hour to an hour and a half. Each session is recorded and made available in your online vault via the Google Docs system.


The WHOLE LifeWorks  on-line workbook, also in the vault, contains all the exercises and homework to be done between sessions.  Each session and its assignments build upon the previous one. You won't know what the next assignments are until the end of each session. So, there is no “skipping ahead” and truly no shortcuts.


The discovery and process continue between sessions and are just as important as the sessions themselves. When you look back on the program you will see it was one of the best possible uses or your time and your energy. It is an investment in yourself.

WHOLE LifeWorksCoaching Program Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the price of the program?



2. How are the personal session calls done?

Sessions are done over Zoom. The sessions are audio recorded (MP3) and made available to you.


3. Is there homework?

Yes. A computer and online access are required. There is an online workbook that is available and stored in your personal secure vault via Google Docs. The workbook contains exercises to be done prior to each session. Most of the workbook consists of forms to be filled out while online. You’ll have two weeks between sessions to complete the homework. Homework must be completed at least 24 hours before each session.


4. Do I need to have on-line access during the sessions?

Yes. You will need to be in front of your computer and online as we will go over the results and insights of each assignment together.


5. Are the sessions “intuitive readings?”

While Brian’s work as an intuitive counselor is well-known the sessions are not intuitive “readings.” However, Brian's intuition is in large part what makes this program unique. It allows him to hone in on specifics as well as provide insights and objectivity.


6. Once I have completed the 5-session program, can I continue with Brian as an empowerment coach?

Yes. Many clients have continued to engage Brian as coach beyond the intensive to support their progress. The continuing program is available in 5-session blocks and is customized to your unique objectives and needs based on the results of the intensive.


7. Is there a waiting list?

Yes, but people are “graduating” from the program on an ongoing basis so usually the wait is no longer than 2-3 weeks.


8. How do I sign up?

Click on the link to Brian Seth Hurst. We will then schedule a call to chat and see if the program is right for you.

What Clients Have to Say About the WHOLE LifeWorksCoaching Program

“The program identified key areas for my improvement and provided exercises that defined my future path of success. Brian’s intuitive awareness allows him to tailor the program to each individual, setting it well above competing programs. The combination of deep introspection and practical techniques was a life changer for me!” 

-Steve Hoffman


“I really loved the program. I use the purpose statement and vision statements often when writing content. The program really got me to WHY. I had written out my “why,” but the questions in this program helped me to dig deeper and embody the WHY. I have a lot more confidence and solidity, groundedness, foundation in what I am doing as a result of the program and homework."

– HJ

“I’ve heard about coaching programs through the years and hadn't participated until I heard about this program. What drew me to it was the person behind it. Brian is a clear, cut to the chase communicator and his program follows suit in cultivating laser focus. I’ve just completed session four in a series of five and can feel a deep transformation underway. I am discovering who the authentic me is and getting to release what has been blocking the path to living that me, fully. The program is brilliantly designed to examine and consciously define the foundational pieces that make up our lives then gather them up to deliver a renewed life. I could never have imagined all that I would receive from working this program and Brian leading the way. So grateful to be led here and given the opportunity to develop lifetime tools to rise and rise again."

- YC

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