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"I believe it is never too late to be inspired in your life, to try something new, to make a change. All it takes is your imagination, passion and the belief in yourself and a few people in your corner."

Brian Seth Hurst is an award-winning multi-disciplinary producer, writer, and strategist. He has spent his career at the forefront of innovation and storytelling. His work in theater, television, emerging & new media, and immersive media has enabled the building and extension of story worlds and brands.


He has held industry leadership positions at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Board of Governors and Second Vice Chair), the Producers Guild of America (Board and Chairman, New Media Council), and the International Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (Board and Digital Ambassador) among others.


Brian is also co-author with the late Olivia Newton-John of the best-selling children's book "A Pig Tale" from Simon & Schuster and the spiritual book "WHOLE," a collection of essays on life's challenges, as well as the forthcoming "Whole Companion Workbook."


He currently serves on the Executive Council of as director of brand and communications and serves as a council member for OAcademy, the global music conservatory, contributing his expertise in emerging technologies relative to collaboration, content, and distribution.


Recently, he successfully returned to the stage as a performer after a 40-year absence in a one-man show "Full Circle - A Magical Musical Night 40 Years in the Making."

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